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If we want to make this super-spiritual I guess we could say that this poster secretly means, “If you feed them the word of God, they will come.” I love preaching and teaching the Bible, but that’s not what I mean in this poster. It seems in this world people are looking for a place to relax, be allowed to enjoy other people, and be free to play.  This is what we did at our Pizza Bash this last fall, and it’s what we hope to do again at the end of this month.

This may not be “super-spiritual,” but it is still deeply spiritual.  The giving and receiving of hospitality may be one of the most spiritual activities we human-beings do — it would be good for us to remember that.  Jesus, after all, offers us his own hospitality by inviting us to his feast.  As his disciples, such a gift should be something we are noted for.

A Blast From The Past

Google Video is shutting down, so I’m uploading to You Tube some of the videos I had hosted there. This video was created in 2006 for an devotional movement we were doing at Central. The character, Darth Nohope, was constructed to give the congregation a third-party villain as we leapt into a new narrative, It worked, but we still haven’t met his apprentice.

Why Wii™ Bowling?

The Central Baptist Wii™ Bowling Association Logo

The Central Baptist Wii™ Bowling Association Logo

As soon as I played Wii™ Bowling for the first time I thought, “We absolutely need to have a Church league.”  So we had one last year and it was quite successful.  So successful, as a matter of fact that the league has nearly doubled in size and now has two divisions in it’s second season.

Folks sometimes wonder, however, “Why on earth are you wasting time running a Wii™ Bowling league?”  It’s a good question.  After all, many Churches plan summer missions trips, or take the youth to a myriad of music festivals, or do some other “Christian” event over the summer.  Wouldn’t we be better off doing something like that?

Well, I’m not so certain that a music festival trip is what our fellowship needs, but I will absolutely agree that a summer missions project is something that Central needs to be involved with, and soon.  I don’t see a Wii™ Bowling league as being detrimental to that desire, though.  In fact, I see it as part of how we’re going to get to a missions project over the summer (and continued missional living over the year).  You see as fun as the league is, and it is a lot of fun, it’s also done a wonderful job of connecting people in the church in ways that hadn’t been done before.  By inviting people into their homes to play a match, even people in the congregation that the host(s) didn’t know that well, the bowlers in the league were able to practice (in a small way) the discipline of hospitality.  In fact, before each match the teams all prayed a prayer asking for just that to occur.  It worked – families that had been only distantly connected before became better connected, and newer families in the congregation began to feel more a part of the fellowship.  It was a great experience.

As the folks at Central begin to become more connected to each other in the giving and receiving of hospitality trust will develop as a result.  When people trust each other, and when that trust is instilled with the power of Christ’s spirit, then a group of people called in Jesus’ name can accomplish some wonderful things.

And that is why I bother with setting up a Wii™ Bowling league for our church.