On the Beach

Earlier this week I attended a clergy retreat in Harvey Cedars, NJ. It was a blessed time, filled with time for contemplation instead of programming. I spent a good portion of our time in silence walking the wintering streets of the Summer resort with my camera. Few cars were out, fewer houses were occupied. My only earthly companions were the wind and the sky above me.


This week I’ll be heading to an overnight clergy retreat. What I’m most looking forward to is the silence.

Getting Fishy

This past Christmas I received a fisheye lens from my daughter as a present. It was a thoughtful gift, and I’m going to get some wonderful use out of it. I even got some lovely shots of the Delaware River.

Middle Child Syndrome

As a middle child I’m a natural outlier. As an GenXer, I’m an outlier of an outlier generation.

The Gaze

I’m not a great street photographer, mostly because I hate taking photos of people’s faces without asking permission. So when I take photos that would fit into the street photography category I’ll often show with their backs to me. We often equate of the “back of someone’s head” with a lack of attention, or consider…