Fisheye Sunset

It was a crisp evening in the Delaware Valley, but it was so bright outside that I couldn’t help but take Bump for a walk. We headed down to the river, and as sunset was approaching I opted to take my Meike 6.5 mm circular fisheye on our walk. I’ve wanted to see how it handled sunsets.

Love Never Fails

I came across this leftover Valentine’s Day decoration during my Sunday photowalk, and it struck me as a fascinating subject. At first glance this decoration, celebrating our cultural trope of “love,” looks like any number of the gaudy February decorations created to make couples feel insufficient. Upon closer inspection, however, this decoration tells a different story.

Loving the Spider-Verse

Over the Christmas holiday I went to the theatre to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Almost from the first frame I knew this was a film I was going to own and watch over and over and over again. It’s brilliant.

The Walls In Our Minds

Friday morning I came across an article about a school in America which had an active shooter drill. Something about this particular drill, however, made headlines for all the wrong reasons.


This past week I opted to enable a CBS All Access subscription so I could watch the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. I don’t think it’s really Star Trek. I also don’t think it matters.

Self Revelation

“I didn’t know you could sing!” It was a refrain I heard quite a bit Saturday morning at ABCNJ’s annual spring training event.