New Flights

The CoVid-19 pandemic has forced a number of churches to pursue new avenues for discipleship which leverages the world in which we live.

Skipping Through The Pandemic

One of my favorite things to do as a child was skipping rocks across a pond. To get a good result you had to find the right rock, get low, and throw it just right. This is how I’m viewing pastoral ministry during the CoVid-19 pandemic.

End of the Month

Yesterday was the last of the four Sunday’s I had off in a row. It’s the longest I’ve gone between sermons since 2001, so in a way it was much like a mini-sabbatical. I more ways, it was not. This was the strangest vacation I’ve ever had.

The Wrong Lesson

I’ve seen several different versions of Christians using memes which try shaming people into coming “back to church.” It’s beyond infuriating, it’s stupid.


In a lot of Christian preaching, and it doesn’t matter if it’s conservative or liberal or evangelical or progressive or anything other kind of preaching we can come up with, calls to repent are too often directed to “them.”

Stop the Spread

This world is insane. I’ve always known this, but yesterday just gave me a headache.