A Parting Gift

This past weekend I had my first experience with a “natural burial.” It was a transformative experience.

Short Story Friday–Illumination

The tour had progressed like a number of others the student had been on. It was typical stuff, and the student sleep-walked through much of it.

Taking A New Flight

Yesterday I held my first live stream for what I’m calling “New Flight Studies.” The idea was born from a need I’ve seen for a while, but which has been intensified by the CoVid-19 pandemic. People need spiritual outlets.

Pondering a Group Study

We’re in the second week of writing for and I have to say I’m pleased with how things have turned out to this point

Short Story Friday–The View

The Acolyte’s eyes stung from the sweat which was dripping off his forehead. He wasn’t adverse to hard work, which was all Acolytes knew, but the climb was arduous.