Random Thoughts #80

I’m not posting much while I’m on Sabbatical, but I feel compelled to surface long enough in order to subject readers to the jumble that is my mind. This is random thoughts.

Review Lands of Legends-Mundane Areas/Encounters

One of the things with which GM’s will sometimes struggle is creating decent story hooks to launch players into their adventures. This is where Lands of Legends-Mundane Areas/Encounters, by Axian Spice, offers some help.

Random Thoughts #79

It’s Wednesday. My wandering mind feels the need to subject you, the reader, to the randomness that masquerades as my thoughts.

Sandboxing Basic Fantasy

I’ve really been enjoying running Basic Fantasy RPG for the Bearfoot Marauders. The game is light rules, even if there are more charts, and things move pretty fast.

Random Thoughts #78

On Wednesdays I enjoy subjecting readers to the inescapable mire that is my brain. These are random thoughts.

Return to Dread

My first experience with Dungeons & Dragons was with what is now known as the Moldvay-Cook Basic and Expert Sets, and the Isle of Dread was always a stand out.