Random Thoughts #136

It’s not Wednesday, but I’m still bouncing around. These are random thoughts.

Random Thoughts #135

My Wednesday was booked solid, so this week I will unleash my non-linear brainwaves into the multiverse on Friday!

Random Thoughts #134

It’s Wednesday, and I’m back at my “day job” so I thought it was time to carry on with my plan to take over the world through randomness!

I’m prepping my first in person game!

I’m prepping my first in person game! There is one particular problem, however, which I needed to overcome to make running an in person campaign work. I hate paper.

Random Thoughts #133

It’s Wednesday, when I unleash my mental turmoil on to an unsuspecting world. Then I step back and enjoy the chaos I have unleashed.

Random Thoughts #132

It’s Wednesday, so I’m releasing the hounds and unleashing my random thoughts into the universe. [Insert maniacal laughter here]