Second Dose

I got my second dose of the vaccine yesterday.


This morning a FB group I’m part of had an article shared on it that, being GenX, I was prepared to read this and roll my eyes ⁠1. It was “Seven Trends To Watch in 2021.” There are portions of the post with which I disagree, but I also understand the reasoning behind why they…

Dead Ends

Christian Nationalism is a dead end which results only in destruction.

Round One

Today I got my first dose of the CoVid-19 vaccine.

The Very Start

I preached the Sunday following 9/11, and I thought it would probably be the most difficult sermon I would ever have to preach. After the events of this past week I have to say this was much more difficult.

The Most Difficult

I used to think the Sunday after 9/11 was the most difficult sermon I’d ever have to preach. Then Wednesday happened.