Random Fiction: The Coffee Stop

Grimby yawned as his partner rambled off his notes from the previous day’s shift. The dwarf hadn’t been getting a lot of sleep as of late, the many stakeouts of suspected smugglers were beginning to take their toll. “Hey, Fineflin. Do me a favor and shut up?” The elf stiffened and straightened his shirt. “Oh,…

Penny Gnomes Price Drop!

If you’ve been considering picking up an eBook of In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes then this is your lucky weekend! Now through Sunday the eBook is on sale in the Kindle store for only 99 cents! I’m a bit biased, but this would make a great read for a holiday weekend. %error% Just…

Writer Of The Day

Yesterday I was honored to be featured as the author of the day on /r/fantasy.

The Fun of Character Hijacks

Social media can be boring, but when your characters start hijacking your twitter feed strange things happen.