So Excited!

I’m going to be the Writer of the Day at /r/Fantasy!

Penny Gnomes Update

I’m beginning to hear feedback from a second round of readers, and am happy folks continue to enjoy the book!

Writing Update 09/11/18

With In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes released, and our “ohmygoshwehaveanewborn” schedule starting to gain some consistency, I’ve begun mapping out the next Realmian Adventure once again.


I’m beginning to get some feedback from people who have finished reading In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes. Waiting for this feedback is one of the most agonizing things I’ve ever done, but I’m pleased to say that people seem to enjoy the story!

First Pictures

Monday morning I got a picture sent to me by a friend. It’s always good to hear from her, as we haven’t been able to hang out much in recent years, so I was quick to open up the text. When I saw the contents my jaw dropped. It was my book, in her hand….