Playing with Darktable

Some bugs in another app have given me an opportunity to explore the photography powerhouse known as darktable.

Still Mobile!

After I left Adobe behind, I was worried my days of developing RAW files on my iPad were behind me. Then I remembered Affinity Photo could develop RAW files.

Moving to On1

Last week Adobe decided to try an “experiment” with their Creative Cloud Photography plan which amounted to doubling the price for the service. I said, “No.” I enjoy Lightroom, I just can’t afford it. Enter On1 Photo Raw.

Shortcut Magic

With my impending departure from Adobe’s shores, I found myself wondering how my photography workflow would be affected. Would I still be able to handle some, if not most, of my workflow on my iPad once I leave Lightroom behind?

Dear Adobe, “No.”

Last week Adobe, which has been so successful printing money with their Creative Cloud subscriptions every other developer is trying to mimic their model, decided they wanted to see how hard they could poke their users before they squeal in pain.

Avengers: Endgame — No Spoilers

I was going to hold off reviewing Avengers: Endgame for a while so I wouldn’t have to worry about spoilers. But I’ve been pondering the film for a day and a half and I’ve got so many thoughts that I feel compelled to get something out in the ether. I’m making a “no spoiler” pledge,…