Welcome to the Journey


Life is a journey, and it’s filled with pain. Pain, however, isn’t always negative. It’s through pain that we overcome obstacles, learn new skills, achieve goals, and even bring life into the world1.

On this pilgrimage we also suffer the pain of loss, grief – pain which works to separate us from the world in order to nurse our wounds. Yet, in spite of these real hurts, most of us manage to continue our journeys, hoping that we’ll eventually overcome even the cruelest of obstacles. What drives us forward against these negative wounds is the same pull which drives us to achieve in the face of positive pain – the gift of hope.

Hope helps to fix our eyes on the possibilities, and imagine a better world over the next horizon. Hope isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s a frightening fixation wielded by explorers, dreamers, and visionaries. Hope intensifies the pain, positive and negative, of our journeys. In many ways, hope is pain. This is my journey.

Welcome to Painfully Hopeful.

  1. Though, in this instance, “we” refers to a particular (and mightier) gender.