Moving to On1

Last week Adobe decided to try an “experiment” with their Creative Cloud Photography plan which amounted to doubling the price for the service. I said, “No.” I enjoy Lightroom, I just can’t afford it. Enter On1 Photo Raw.

Dear Adobe, “No.”

Last week Adobe, which has been so successful printing money with their Creative Cloud subscriptions every other developer is trying to mimic their model, decided they wanted to see how hard they could poke their users before they squeal in pain.

Taming Lightroom Mobile

I’ve been a fan of using Lightroom Mobile for almost a year, even since Adobe allowed RAW photos to be imported into the application. The process is faster, the editing is more intuitive, and the connections with iOS share sheets make sharing photos from my DSLR easy to do, even when on the road.

Fun with Adobe Capture CC

For the past two years I’ve enjoyed using the Adobe Creative Cloud photography plan. As a rule I tend to hate software subscriptions, but the photography plan hits a sweet spot between value and features 1. Part of the benefits of the photography plan is full access to Adobe’s set of iOS Creative Cloud apps….

Hey look, a Portfolio!

This morning, my routine was very nearly derailed with a single Slack message. Did you now that Adobe Portfolio comes with the Adobe CC subscription??? I just got an email saying so! Now, for my readers who don’t know, I’m a pastor. This means Sunday mornings are not typically good times to share some new…

Lightroom Mobile Workflow

Yesterday I described my impressions of Lightroom Mobile. Today I’d like to share my Lightroom Mobile workflow. Transferring images from the camera There are two methods I use to transfer photos from my Nikon DSLR to an iOS device. Camera Connection Kit I own the original camera connection kit which came out at the same…