College Days

College should be about learning how to think WELL.

Taking Notes, Part III – Notes As Art

Many of us could remember scribbling in notebooks in elementary or high school. Beyond the scribbles of the person liked, the teachers joked about, or the shapeless doodles during yet-another-lecture, notes take on the personalities of their authors.

Taking Notes, Part I

I’ve seen a number of articles shared about laptops and tablets being detrimental to retaining classroom information. But are they?

An Apple Education?

On March 27 Apple held an event celebrating their role in education. During the keynote they demonstrated some slick tools for classroom integration, a new iPad, and announced updates for their iWork suite. If you happen to be into geeky things at all, it’s well-worth the time to watch. It’s no secret Apple has been…

Moses, Texas, and Social Outrage

Yesterday, I saw a post on Facebook in the form of a blog entry which claims Texas has voted to list Moses among the Founding Fathers in their new educational standards. I have learned to be skeptical of sensational blog posts, especially if I’m moved to immediate outrage by it’s headline, so I went looking…