Kingdom Collision: Aiding and Abetting

To revolutionaries, Jesus’ character may seem like we’re “aiding and abetting” the enemy, enabling injustice and tyranny. The reality is something quite different. Showing mercy to our enemies displays the power and character of our Lord Jesus Christ, and challenges the legitimacy of worldly power itself.


I created this image a couple of years ago, but I came across it this morning as I was searching my Lightroom library. It’s one of my early experiments with a displacement map, which applications like Photoshop can use to distort an image using contrast information. For one of my first experiments, I like how…


It seems like everyone is worried about control.

Standing With History

I am a lover of history. So I was overjoyed when I found out Palmyra was inviting a living piece of history to come and be honored by our community. Dr. Clarence B. Jones is scholar and civil rights worker who is perhaps best known as an advisor, personal attorney, and speech writer for Dr….