Random Fiction: The Coffee Stop

Grimby yawned as his partner rambled off his notes from the previous day’s shift. The dwarf hadn’t been getting a lot of sleep as of late, the many stakeouts of suspected smugglers were beginning to take their toll. “Hey, Fineflin. Do me a favor and shut up?” The elf stiffened and straightened his shirt. “Oh,…

A Day In Fiction – Exploring a New World

I dreamed up this story the other week and thought I’d share it here to get some thoughts from folks. I’m still pondering the nature of this world, and how this story will unfold, but I do like this first scene.

Review — Fallen Princeborn: Stolen

Last week I had the pleasure to read a novel written by an internet acquaintance of mine, Jean Lee. It turns out she’s a pretty darn good fiction writer!