I’m beginning to get some feedback from people who have finished reading In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes. Waiting for this feedback is one of the most agonizing things I’ve ever done, but I’m pleased to say that people seem to enjoy the story!

First Pictures

Monday morning I got a picture sent to me by a friend. It’s always good to hear from her, as we haven’t been able to hang out much in recent years, so I was quick to open up the text. When I saw the contents my jaw dropped. It was my book, in her hand….

A Hole New World

Captain William MacGill, of the space ship *Spotted Runner*, stood on his bridge. He was about to lead his crew in the hardest act they’d ever tried.

The Joys Of Tripping Over The Final Hurdle

Two days ago I took a deep breath, placed my mouse cursor over the “publish your book” button, and clicked. It may have been one of my more nerve-wracking experiences of 2018.

Well, I’m On Goodreads

One of my friends insisted I get a Goodreads author page. So I did. Life is becomming surreal in such a wonderful way.

There’s Still Time To Pre-Order

I am terrible at promoting myself 1, but I am so excited about the upcoming release of In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes I’m sailing into the land of discomfort. If you’ve been following along as Penny Gnomes has developed I would be overjoyed if you pre-ordered the book! A present eBooks can be…