Does It Do Any Good?

This past weekend I was able to watch A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. I won’t give a review of it here 1, but the film put me in a reflective mood. Mr. Rogers has that effect on me. Fred Rogers made a deliberate choice to live his life loving and caring for others. His…

Social Media Wars

So this weekend social media blew up with a video of what seems to be a jeering crowd of obnoxious white teenagers mocking a Native American man as he chanted. And social media went nuts…

Kinda Tired

There are days and weeks when I feel how lost our culture is. This past week has been one of those times.


The last few days have been difficult, which is my greatest understatement of 2017. I have a few statements to make on the events of the weekend.

Just, tears

I’ve been away for a couple of days, so I programmed some posts to run while I was enjoying some vacation time. If anyone has been wondering why I’ve been oddly silent on the recent police homicides of black men 1, that would be why. And then I woke up Friday morning to read about…