Music Which Inspires — Baba Yetu

The past few days I’ve been playing a song called “Baba Yetu” on repeat whenever I’ve been driving. It’s a stunning chorale rendition of the Lord’s Prayer, sung in Swahili and developed using African intonation and rhythm.

The Land Of Stories

I was muddling through my day when my brain became lost in some dialog for a story which had popped into my head. It wasn’t memorable, I’ve already forgotten it, but it led me to ponder.

Bright Eyes

While I’m an extreme introvert who requires much coaxing in order to engage in social situations, I do find people fascinating. I suppose it’s a stereo-typical introvert thing to admit, but I enjoy people watching.

Why I Write

This week on of my regular readers, whose blog you should check out, asked me an interesting question. What got you into writing, anyway? Specifically, she wanted to know because writing fiction is not something typically looked upon fondly by others in “my profession 1.” This got me thinking, and led me to begin with…