My Life At Present

I’m a creature of habit because I need rhythm to function. So what happens when the rhythm gets compressed?

The Fool

I was searching through some old Flickr Photos this evening and came across some paintings from a retreat I ran over a decade ago. The image below is part of a sequence, but this is the frame that speaks to me that most. In our world folks like to present themselves as “all together,” whatever…

A Week in Music – Be Thou My Vision

I could have chosen a number of hymns for the last post in this series, but in the end I was compelled to go with one of my favorites of all time, “Be Thou My Vision.”

A Week in Music – “Testimony,” from the Amazing Grace Musical

I resonate with John Newton in temperament, even if my life never led me on a journey with the highs and lows his had. I’m stubborn, prideful, prone to laziness, and angry with the world in general. And, like Newton, redemption found me by the Amazing Grace of God.

A Week in Music – Les Miserable Finale

We all see things in this world which we feel aren’t right and try to change them. Sometimes we succeed, many times we fail, but to live well means we live looking forward to the hope for which we long.