Taming Lightroom Mobile

I’ve been a fan of using Lightroom Mobile for almost a year, even since Adobe allowed RAW photos to be imported into the application. The process is faster, the editing is more intuitive, and the connections with iOS share sheets make sharing photos from my DSLR easy to do, even when on the road.

Sunset in the Parking Lot

Tonight I was out running errands with my wife, and when we emerged from the grocery store we were greeted by one of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen. A line of clouds stretched across the sky near the horizon, and the Sun had just behind it’s front. This caused the sunlight to…

Mobile Raw Photography

I’ve had a stressful couple of days. In the grand scheme of life these are really nothing more than deep sighs, but sometimes dozens of deep sighs can create some big internal tension. This tension needs a decent outlet. Yesterday actually provided an outlet for the box of stress in which I am currently living….