Origami King: Did Not Finish

Over vacation I wanted to get a Nintendo Switch game so I could have some fun exploring a new world and enjoy a nice story. Instead, I got “Paper Mario, Origami King.”

Lost In Hyrule

My family purchased a Nintendo Switch as a Christmas present. Along with the console we purchased two games – *Super Mario: Odyssey* and *The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild*. I’ve been playing Mario since Christmas and have enjoyed every minute of it, but Zelda sat on the shelf waiting to be opened. Last week I dusted off the case and inserted the game card.

My Mobile Gaming Device? An iPod Touch

I’m a Nintendo kinda guy.  I love Zelda, my kids and I trade pokemon like it’s going out of style, and our Wii is a family pass time.  Nintendo has been a part of my existence since the NES, and I have no regrets about that. When the DSi was announced I was underwhelmed by…

Hands on with the DSi

OK, here’s the scoop.  My DS was dying thanks to having spent a year being passed between myself and two rowdy children.  The kids eventually got their own DS systems, but mine never recovered.  The mic was flaky, one hinge was breaking, and the cartridge slot was more miss than hit.  So, when Game Stop…