A Penny Gnomes Live Reading

As we practice physical distancing during the CoVid-19 pandemic, I wanted to offer story time to folks. Surf in at 1PM on March 26 for a live reading from my novel In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes.

The need to read

Today marks the end of my post Holy Week vacation. I take this week off every year because I’m often not fit for human interaction by the end of Easter Sunday.

Catching Up On My Reading

A full week of meetings depleted my energy for writing, so I took the time to catch up on some reading.


The past few weeks I’ve begun to realize one of my personal disciplines had slipped. I wasn’t reading. This happens from time to time, as life and work conspire to distract me from doing real self-care, and this past Fall was one such season. I’d finished some history books in September and failed to pick…

The Summer book stack

One of my very favorite parts of the Williamsburg experience is being given a sum of money, pointed to their excellent book store, and told, “OK, go play.” Each time we head down I come back with a stack of books to enjoy over the long month in-between our visit. This time, as we were…

Continuous Education

Many professions encourage a practice knowing as “continuing education.”  I have a problem with the designation, as it tends to create several problems: First, it tends to imply that most educational work was done prior to getting credentials for a profession (be it pastor, teacher, doctor, nurse, lawyer, or Dr. Seuss scholar).  What’s needed, then, is…