The Very Start

I preached the Sunday following 9/11, and I thought it would probably be the most difficult sermon I would ever have to preach. After the events of this past week I have to say this was much more difficult.

The Most Difficult

I used to think the Sunday after 9/11 was the most difficult sermon I’d ever have to preach. Then Wednesday happened.

Responsible Freedom

We sometimes allow ourselves to hold on to the false notion that the “early church” was pristine and that all its theology was settled. The impulse this false notion leads to, especially among low-church folks like us Baptists, is that if we could only get back to the early church all of our problems would go away. But it’s a lie.


People should not get pats on the back for daring to take an honest look in the mirror.

Practical Lent

A good number of Americans think of Lent as “that season when you give something up 1.” Lent is a lot more than that. Lent is a season of holy introspection, prayer, and paying close attention to the rhythm of life in order to better align oneself with the Savior. It is a season to…


This past fall my family and I travelled to see Amazing Grace on Broadway. I was saddened when Amazing Grace closed so quickly, even as I was grateful to be able to see it. This sadness was assuaged somewhat by the announcement of an impending National Tour and a confirmed cast recording. The album was…