iOS 11, First Look

Apple dropped the much-anticipated iOS 11 on September 19, 2017. As is my custom, I downloaded the new OS on to my iPad as soon as it became available.

Eat at Green Plate

My favorite local place to eat opened up a little over a year ago. It’s a little stir-fry and noodle casual restaurant by the name of Green Plate.

Congregation of the Absurd

I’m working on a brochure to hand out during Palmyra Day 1 and the template I’m using has spaces for quotes near the bottom. I thought this would be a great place for testimonials about Central so I headed over to Facebook and asked the family, “If you could describe Central in one sentence, what…

Altura Camera Strap

About the only aspect of DSLR photography I do not enjoy is neck strain. DSLR’s are not intolerably heavy, but after carrying the weight of the body and a lens all day it begins weigh a bit heavy on one’s shoulders. The normal neck strap of most DSLRs, while simple and positioned to make the…

Time with the Apple Watch

As my first and second entries on my experiment with the Pebble smart watch showed, I am really not a “watch guy.” I could never get used to having the device strapped to my wrist. I also never had the desire to develop comfort with it 1. Yet I remained invested in the concept of…