Star Trek Reimagined

This week I decided to do a one week trial of CBS All Access so I could watch season one of Star Trek: Discovery. I finished the season in three days, which speaks to the show’s quality, here’s my review.

Going Meta

My good friend Jamison has read a bit of In the Land of the Penny Gnomes and sent this message to me yesterday, “I also just finished Red Shirts so I see where you got some inspiration.”

On Star Trek: Beyond

This past week I was able to catch a showing of Star Trek: Beyond. I was largely disappointed by Into Dark1, so I really didn’t have a great deal of expectations going into this movie. To me, the greatest point of interest was the name of the person who created the story, Simon Pegg. I…

Empyrion Saga – A Review

This month I re-read The Empyrion Saga, by Steven R. Lawhead for the first time since High School. I first encountered Lawhead when I was a Junior at Lancaster Mennonite High School, newly awakened by Christ and eager grow in the faith. After my conversion experience, however, I held on to one nagging worry about…