This past week I opted to enable a CBS All Access subscription so I could watch the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. I don’t think it’s really Star Trek. I also don’t think it matters.

On Star Trek: Beyond

This past week I was able to catch a showing of Star Trek: Beyond. I was largely disappointed by Into Dark1, so I really didn’t have a great deal of expectations going into this movie. To me, the greatest point of interest was the name of the person who created the story, Simon Pegg. I…

Star Trek: Into Old Plotlines

Before I begin my thoughts on Star Trek: Into Darkness, please let me state clearly, “There will be spoilers.”  Keep reading if you want, but don’t blame me if I reveal a plot point you haven’t seen yet. When my daughter saw that the newest Star Trek movie was coming out around her birthday, she…

Children, Children

Sometimes you just have to give people some perspective. For the record, I enjoy all three – but the title of “Greatest Science-Fiction Franchise” really shouldn't be in doubt. The original TARDIS image is by Elliott Brown.   Posted with Blogsy