Introspection and Worship

I have heard a growing choir of people over the years who are singing a tune which troubles me, “Why do we spend so much time on worship, when what’s really important is putting our faith into action?”

Stuck In The Middle

Politically and theologically I’m a left-of-center leaning moderate. In today’s cultural climate this leaves feeling rather out of place.

Advice to Churches, Part 1: Worship

I hear the idea all the time. The reason why churches ramp up the production values of worship to rival a great theatre or concert is because “that’s what young people want.” Laying aside the question if this really is “what young people want,” think about what this statement says about worship. It’s true value…


Over the weekend I began seeing stories, with associated video, about Bernie Sanders establishing a religious litmus test for public office during a recent confirmation hearing. Having watched the video, and read people’s responses to it, I’ve got some thoughts to share. First, to my Evangelical kin who are shouting, “Foul!” at the senator’s comments….

A Free Response To An Executive Order

So on Thursday President Trump signed an Executive Order effectively dismantling the “Johnson Amendment.” Below are my thoughts on this act of toothless political theatre 1. First, if this means I’m going to get another mildly-threatening warning letter from a local atheist group I’ll be mildly annoyed. I don’t violate the Johnson Amendment every Sunday,…

Stained Glass

The moment I entered Central’s sanctuary prior to my interview I knew it was a space in which I’d want to worship. After my 5 year exile 1 in “white-washed” Protestant New England 2, I was ready for a beautiful worship space. Central fit the bill, the stained glass is amazing. It’s both theologically rich…