World Building

I’ve been pondering the cultural situation for the World of Frosden, which is where I’m planning on setting up my larger D&D campaign. I enjoy world-building, so here’s part of the story of the World of Frosden, and the Continent of Elbren.

In Awe of Wonderdraft

For over a year I’ve been drooling over Wonderdraft. Last week I finally decided to purchase it.

Fiction Update Tuesday

On Monday I returned to my novel planning after an off week. And, having mapped out two more chapters, I’ve got a confession to make. I’m enjoying the process of planning this novel

World Building

I typically write on “pastor stuff” for my Sunday posts, but I’ve been out sick all week so I’m writing on what first came to mind. I’m a great lover of Science Fiction and Fantasy. These genres, more than any other, offer readers portals into an entirely different world. Tolkien is, of course, the greatest…