N.T. Wright on The Colbert Report

I’ve been meaning to post this video here since I first saw it last week.  I love The Colbert Report, under the satirical nature of the character there are often some dang good interviews – this is a case in point.  I have to admit that one of the reasons I love this interview with Bishop Wright so much is because he is pushing a point that I’ve been harping on for years (though, he says it better – he is a bishop after all).

The most interesting thing about this video is that I actually referred a family to it by way of explaining what my role would be in a funeral I was doing for the family the next day.  I don’t do “eulogies,” that’s the job of the family (particularly for a person I never personally met), when I lead a funeral my job is to facilitate grief, entrust the deceased into the hands of God, and hold death up to the reality of the resurrection.  I don’t know if the family watched the video – but there were kinda impressed that a pastor would refer them to a video from The Colbert Report.  Watch, and enjoy.

Note: I can’t get comedy central videos to embed here – when I figure out the problem I’ll attach the video to this post.