The Ordinary Radicals

The Ordinary Radicals is a film by an acquaintance of mine from Eastern.  Several of my friends are featured promentently in the film – which I find just….incredibly weird in a good way all around.

Even though I’m not part of the new monastic movement, I appreciate what my friends are doing, not reinventing the faith but rather working to rescue it from being hijacked.  The move premiers this week, I can’t be there and I’m bummed.  I’ll be picking up the DVD soon and it’ll probably be featured in my Senior High Sunday School class at some point.  Below is the trailer – I don’t know about the “we will not comply” aspect of Shaine’s prayer  I appreciate the concept but I’d word it differently.  Then again, I’m not featured in a movie either….

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  1. Can’t be there tonight, and that disappoints me 😦 It looks really good, and I agree…it’s kind of weird (in a good way) to see friends in a movie!

  2. It’s kinda weird to see Shaine all over the place, actually. One of the clips on the site has Brooke in it too – I need to see what’s going on with her…

  3. Hey,
    Try to make it to the screening in Wayne on Oct 11.

    The litany that Shane is reading is in his latest book, “Jesus for President”.

  4. Thanks Ryan, I’m going to try but it’ll be tricky because I’m running a wedding rehearsal that day….sigh. I’ll be getting the DVD though, don’t worry.

    I was aware that Shane’s litany was from his new book – but I’m not sure all 10 of my blog readers know, so thanks for passing that information on to them…

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