BibleTech09 – Points East

Right: Me, Center: Antoine from mobile ministry mag, Left: Greg from Accordance
Right: Me, Center: Antoine from mobile ministry mag, Left: Greg from Accordance

All I can say about BibleTech09 was that it was some of the most fun that I’ve had in a long time.  I met a lot of new friends, many of whom are based near the Philly area (or travel there every now and again).  So I’m really looking at keeping up with a lot of the people I met even beyond the conference.  As I sit here in Denver Airport I just wanted to take the time to make a few points.

  • I like hanging around geeks.  The tweeting going on during the sessions really help deepen the conversation even when the presenter wasn’t a gifted public speaker. One of the best tweets of the conference was, “[soandso] it the classic example of an extroverted nerd.  When he talks he looks at YOUR shoes.”
  • I’m not smart enough by far.  Many of the people speaking at the conference were just plain brilliant.  I’m a geek and I pride myself on being one, but I’m on a different track than these folks. On the other hand, while they would tend to try to hack a fix in machine code to fix a problem I’d think to pull the plug out of the wall – so it’s not all bad.
  • I was deeply honored to be included as a presenter at this event.  Really, my thanks to JD for convincing Logos that I wasn’t just going to try and teach people how to use *cough* powerpoint.
  • I learning something about myself.  I dislike the thought of traveling – but when I am traveling I enjoy the adventure.   This doesn’t mean that I think to take blind shots into nowhere (I need people like Greg Ward from Accordance to convince me that walking around a strange city can be fun) – but it I think I wouldn’t mind going to one or two conferences a year just to get out of my introverted shell for a few days.  [so if anyone wants a self-important geek-pastor to talk about tech and pastoral ministry, that would be cool….]
  • I was gratified to be confirmed that how I use the screen for presenting really is rather unusual.  There weren’t any presentations that did what I did (oh the bullet points, which I had too – but I was doing it to show a direct contrast, so there), and people seemed at least intrigued by the possibilities.
  • It was a bit upsetting that no one fell for my Jedi mind-trick.  But they did laugh when I called them Tidarians – so that was cool.
  • There were many times during this trip where I could only say, “This has been good for my soul.”  There’s precious few of those in a year – I’m grateful to have had the experience and I hope I’ll be a better servant having gone and come back.
  • I made the pilgrimage to the first Starbucks.  How cool is that?
  • I miss my family, and I can’t wait to see them.

So, that’s my quick thoughts.  Hope the BibleTech09 folks will keep following my blog!

Antoine and I marvel at the place where the [evil] empire began.
Antoine and I marvel at the place where the empire began.


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  1. Absolutely. I was really glad that so many folks based in/near Philly were there. Next time I head out to Eastern I’ll try to let you know I’m coming!

  2. Saw the presentation online; wish I could have gone, but loved the name you give what we visual preachers do … “Sermon Painting.” If you coined it then you deserve great credit (check out my web site for my high praise of your concept). If not, where did you get it?

  3. Thanks Kevin!

    I actually was very nervous going out to BibleTech09 because I thought people would yawn and say, “So, why do you think this is any different than what EVERYONE else is doing?” Pastors are, deep down, constantly worried that we’re just not up to the task I guess.

    I did indeed coin the term “Sermon Painting.” I forget the exact circumstances, but it was shortly after I started practicing this for an evening worship (which is currently defunct, ironically). People were asking me how I used the screen for the “story time” in that setting and eventually I started telling them that I use the screen as a digital canvas upon which I “paint” my ideas. “Sermon Painting” showed up not too long after that. I wonder if I can do a CreativeCommons style copyright to keep someone from forcing people to pay money to use it :-).

    I actually use #SermonPainting occasionally on twitter as well – I’d love to see speakers/preachers start conversing using it!

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