Accordance Training Seminar – Top 10 Reasons NOT to Come

Well, I did a top 10 for, so I might as well as give you the top 10 reasons not to come to the Accordance Training Seminar at Central Baptist Church on March 19th.

10. You were previously scheduled to run a spiritual retreat and don’t feel comfortable trying to convince the congregation that you were “raptured” and they’d been “left behind.” (Especially if you’d have to convince them that there is such a thing AS a rapture).

9. You have family coming to town, and you actually like spending time with them.

8. You just painted a ceiling, and are really looking forward to watching it dry.

7. You are allergic to Baptists.

6. You really enjoy being overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do to research your lessons in dead tree format.

5. March 19th is the day you are planning on planting your potatoes.

4. You’re giving up positive experiences for Lent.

3. The kids have events you need to take them to.

2. 9:00 AM? Are you insane?

1. You want to come, but Air Fare is just way too much.