Accordance Training Day!

Everyone has a mac!

The crowd was maxed out...

I’ve been excited to attend an Accordance training seminar since I first started using the software a couple of years ago.  Alas, the shows were always just a little too far away for me to get to.  Today, I not only got to attend a training seminar, I got to host one.  I’m very glad I did.

The session had just under 40 people at the start, and it slowly whittled down over the day.  I’m writing this just prior to the dinner break, I’m not sure how many people will be left for the evening session!  That, however, is where we’ll deal with Greek and Hebrew so I hope some folks stick around!

Martha, Lloyd, and David have been great to work with – actually, every person I’ve met from Oak Tree Software has been great to work with.  An added bonus came when they forgot their iPad (to demo the iOS app).  They needed to borrow my iPad for the demonstration (which did mean I had to give it up over night so they could practice), and I went out and got a VGA adapter so they could mirror the screen through the projector.  Seeing my iPad projected up on the screen was almost worth giving it up for a night (I’ll recover).

Was this worth spending a Saturday in-doors on a gorgeous day?  Yup, I learned lots, and can be even more dangerous with my studies and sermon prep.  I got to meet some great people, and had a lot of fun.

I’d also like to point out that my wife is awesome.  She not only gave me up for a Saturday, she also did a lot to help prep the space for the seminar.