Romantic Realist

Sometimes I hate looking at the world. There is so much going on as people struggle to eat, fight disease, overcome natural disasters, and battle oppression for the hope of a better today. Yet, I have the audacity to think that it’s normal to go through my day without many troubles at all. The problems of the world seem so big, and I feel so terribly small that the temptation to bury my head in the sand is very real indeed.

Then I have a moment when I see a thing of genuine beauty and think, “If something so beautiful can exist evil really can be overcome.” Until I remember that, like this sunset, all of our beauty comes with a cost – and a lot of it manages to perpetuate the very evil which sets the world aflame. It’s too much to get my head around most days – and the internal wrestling match is highlighted well in this comic. One day, all things will be made new – but as we work and strive to see that process underway now, the hoping is awfully painful.

Is there one person speaking, or two? I’m honestly not sure.

Romantic Realist Comic

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  1. coffeezombie says:

    “Beauty will save the world.” –Dostoyevsky

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