At the Table on Election Day

Communion set up at Central Baptist

Note: I've been putting off updating my blog because I promised to continue working on how to use styles for writing. I'll still get back to that, but I have some thoughts I want to get out, beginning with today's post on Election Day Communion.

This election day, Central Baptist Church participated in a brilliant movement called “Election Day Communion.” I say it was brilliant because, despite the political nature of the day in the United States, the movement itself was blessedly non-partisan. The goal was simple, given the divisive nature of this current election cycle, Christians could come together and gather around our Lord's Table. There might be differences in political opinion, but around the Table there is only one faith, one Lord, one Baptism. Truly it is a Communion of the saints with one another and with the Lord who has made (and is making) us new through our baptism into his death and resurrection.

At Central we celebrated around the Table three times – at 10AM, 2PM, and 7PM. All told 21 people participated, but all who came were glad for the call to step away from the rhetoric and be in the Lord's peace. It was a humble reminder of who we actually serve as a people, political affiliations aside. I was honored to be part of the gathering.

Some might say the to the table meant leaving political anger, fear, hopes, and dreams at the door to the Sanctuary. I saw this day as different. We brought all of our heightened political sensitivities, even our political cynicism, to the Table. We gave them to Jesus, and in return Jesus gave us himself. As I watch threads of Christians who are both ecstatic and depressed this morning my message is simple, “Jesus is Lord.” It is not a message of resignation to the disappointments of this world, nor is it a message of moderation for those who are excited at a victory. It is a statement regarding our shared reality as Christians and reminder of our purpose — to bring glory to the Lord who is making all things new.

895 Churches, in all 50 states, participated in Communion yesterday. “Jesus is Lord” was the only message remembered. No matter who you voted for yesterday, lets continue to live out this reality.



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  1. Very cool idea, and just as things should be!

    This reminds me of something I noticed back around the time I joined the Orthodox Church. Standing in line for Communion one Sunday, it struck me that I was standing there, united in worship and in Christ, with people of very different political views. I was about to approach the same chalice, and receive the same Christ, as someone else who held political opinions that, in my former church, would have been considered simply contrary to Christianity. We may have been divided politically, but, in Christ, we are united.

    It was a refreshing change. 🙂

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