Filemaker - The Missing ManualEver sit down to write something only to find you can barely keep your eyes open?  That’s me at present. I was all set to write a post on the currently US culture as a breeding ground for toxic beliefs and I just can’t keep my mind in focus. I’ll have to get to it next week 1.

Today I offer this photo, not even a great photo, which symbolizes how time can slip away from us. I purchased that book as an eBook shortly after Christmas, and have had exactly zero brain time to spend with it. Life has just gotten in the way, and as February hits it’s stride the delay is starting to get to me.

Have you ever had a project like that? One which you just can’t get to, no matter how hard you try?


  1. The short summary is, I think we’ve moved beyond a healthy skepticism and towards an almost paranoid mistrust of “the establishment.”