Risen Indeed

He is risen.

This is the traditional greeting for Christians on Easter 1 for centuries. It’s the message of hope for the Christian faith. Jesus, God in the Flesh, died but is risen. The doors of death have been kicked open from the inside, sin has been conquered, and the hope of the New Creation is working it’s way into the world. All this has happened because, he is risen.

He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

I live in the hope which springs from this remarkable greeting and response. Painful as it is, and as much as I know I don’t live up to my Savior in so many ways, this hope is my life. Alleluia.

  1. Or, according to our Eastern brothers and sisters, Pascha. It’s one of the many things they do right. 

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  1. Peg Horton says:

    He is risen indeed! Amen, peace and joy

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