Worship Zombies

Normally on Monday’s I post my sermon manuscript as my blog entry. Today I’m breaking my typical practice for two reasons.

First, while the sermon this week was adequate, I didn’t particularly care for it 1. I thought the manuscript, despite several deep edits, lacked flow. It was ok, but not really worth re-sharing.

Second, I had an observation during worship which left me in near state of hysterics. I thought this would make a much better entry for the day.

I sing with the worship band on Sundays when it leads congregational singing 2 and today, during our second time up with the congregation, I saw a sight which was wonderfully silly. It’s the middle of allergy season, and my congregation is filled with a great number of allergy sufferers 3. This means, especially when pollen counts are abnormally high, that energy levels tend to be a bit down. It’s not that people are disinterested, it’s just that a good portion of our energy is being consumed by fighting off the hostile attacks of the New Jersey landscape. Eyes are puffy, noses run, and bodies cry out, “Please go to sleep!” When this happens the congregated people of Central Baptist typically need to wind itself up in order to display any level of energy, which often finds it’s outlet as out-right loopy-ness.

I love this about Central, but it means when we’re in such a state our energetic down-times are really down. This is what I saw during our second time leading congregational singing on Sunday. For whatever reason it was a “down-time” in congregational energy, and it showed in the body language of folks as we sang. Voices were engaged, but people’s shoulders and eyes were similarly drooped. That’s when I almost burst into hysterics. All I could think was, “Oh my gosh, we’re worship zombies!”


Truly frightening.

  1. Yup, pastors can hate their own sermons. 
  2. The singing. Not the “worship.” Let’s please get this one right. 
  3. Including me. 

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  1. The pollen will go in His time and in His way..O Lord we need relief

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