Unpacking New Paths

The most important aspect of yesterday’s narrative was the revelation that Water Gap’s council was not quite as stoic about Jeremy’s arrival as we may have be led to believe. The Seekers are very excited about Jeremy’s arrival and regard him with almost holy reverence. Walter and Ama aren’t concerned with the plans The Seekers have for Jeremy. At least, not as concerned with how the politically connected families in the Inner Valleys might try to use the youth for their own ends. I’m still not certain that’s entirely wise. Both Walter and Ama have many friends among this group, but they’ve been oppressed for a long time, and Jeremy’s arrival is going to stoke some of the hotheads into rash acts.

Water Gap’s pre-Boulevard isolation is on display again in this section. Before the tunnel was created, it was a two week trip to The Ravine from the town. The Boulevard changed everything for the town. We’ll have to see what happens as the party travels through the passage to the other side.

Walter’s character is slowly developing. I’ve said this before in the unpacking posts, but he really is more than he seems. Ama knows Walter better than anyone and is trying to stoke some long-dormant aspects of his character into flame once more. She hasn’t shown it yet, but Jeremy’s arrival has her very concerned. Not just for how people may attempt to use Jeremy for their political games, as she’s let on. Rather, she’s concerned for the future of The Valley’s as a whole. Jeremy has changed something, and she is very frustrated she can’t determine what it is.

At any rate, the party is finally out of Water Gap, now we journey.

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  1. Finally the journey goes on. I hope they didn’t leave the ever torch behind.,

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