Fiction Tuesday – Deep Revelations

“Walter, what’s happening?” At the sound of panic in Jeremy’s voice, Ama took the youth’s hand. Her touch touch did calm him somewhat, but he could feel Ama’s power contending with the shadows inside his own being. It felt like he was the rope in a bizarre tug-of-war.

“It’s them, lad. Stick close to Ama.”

Ama’s calm left him with Walter’s answer. “Who are ‘them!?’”

Walter whispered quietly, “Shadestalkers.”

At the sound of the name, Jeremy felt the shadows hiss in anger.

Name of forgetters!”

“I don’t think they like that name, Walter!”

“What? You can hear them?”

“Yes, and they definitely do not like that name.”

“Jeremy, this is important. What are they saying to you?”

“You can’t hear them?”

“If we could hear them, lad, do you think Ama would be askin’ that? What are they saying?”

Why did you break the window? Why have you come?

Now utterly terrified, Jeremy shouted back to the dark, “I don’t know.  What window? I don’t know why I’m here or how I got here. Please, don’t hurt us!”

Is the treaty broken?”

“Jeremy, what are they saying to you? Please tell Walter and I.”

“They want to know if the treaty is broken.”

“What treaty, lad?”

“I don’t know!”

Why have you come? Is the treaty broken?”

Lost in fear, Jeremy was again going to shout, “I don’t know” into the surrounding darkness. Then, suddenly, an answer burst into Jeremy’s consciousness. He didn’t know where it came from, nor did he understand what it meant. He only knew that it was the response the darkness needed to hear. “Yes! Yes, the treaty is broken and you have to get ready! But I don’t know what or why or how. I can’t remember!”

The chill of the darkness seemed to lesson somewhat, then intensified as he felt the voice once more.

Understood. Seek knowledge. When you remember, search the dark.

“What knowledge? How can I remember?”

“Lad, what are they saying?”

“They want me to seek knowledge.”

The light dulls us, we must go. Seek knowledge. Remember.”

“Wait!” Jeremy shouted, but it was too late. The imposing darkness melted away into the floor as the honey-glow of the evertorches reasserted their presence upon the tunnel. Jeremy looked at his two friends, who stared at him with equal amounts of fear and curiosity. Walter took a step towards him and trust his hands on to Jeremy’s shoulders. His stare was unlike anything he’d ever seen on his new friend’s face.

“Lad, why did you say that about the treaty?”

Jeremy shook his head in frustration. “I don’t know. When the voice from the shadow asked me about if the treaty had been broken I just felt like I had to shout, ‘Yes, get ready.’”

Walter looked at Ama. “Meddle, this is not good. They knew Jeremy was here, and they held back evertorch light. This is the watermelon of all watermelons. If evertorches can’t keep them out, then nowhere in The Valleys is truly safe.”

Ama, face oddly pale from the encounter with the shadows, nodded. “This is very concerning, but let’s not panic. We are, after all, deep in the darkness – their natural environment.”

“The shadow did say the light was making them dull, whatever that meant. I got the feeling they couldn’t stay much longer for some reason.”

“OK, so the torches have got some weight, then, which is a small bit of comfort. Truth be told, I’m more worried about this treaty. Ama, if it’s what I think it is, then we aren’t safe. No one is.”

“Guys, I don’t even know what treaty it was talking about. What are you talking about?”

“Jeremy, there’s only one war which remains in the knowledge of our past. If the treaty is broken, and they need to prepare, everything in The Valleys may be in peril.”


“Because, lad, it could mean another extinction war.”

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