Unpacking Dinner Conversation

This is a short section, meant to further establish Jeremy as he center of the story. Shelter is going to be a strong pull to him moving forward, as it was in this town the wonders of the Valley’s first found rich soil in his heart. We’ll move into some exposition with the next section. Now that Jeremy has expressed his fear to Walter and Ama those two feel they really need to make him aware of some things.

It’s not much, but let’s get unpacking.

The Meal

I didn’t want to go overboard with the meal, but I as I wrote this I was coming back from vacation and had some pretty excellent food. Given that Shelter is pretty much a tourist trap, it felt right to focus on the meal. I don’t have a wide range of tastes I enjoy, but I do love to experience quality food.

Poultry in red sauce, topped with melted cheese, is my go to meal. High cuisine it’s not, but when done right it’s absolutely amazing. The meal is actually based on my favorite local Italian restaurant, Du Amici. They have some of the best sauce I’ve ever tasted, and when mixed with roasted vegetables it’s hard to top.

Jeremy’s experience of the food, along with the surrounding atmosphere, is meant to come across as an almost “perfect moment.” The type of moment where things have come together in place and the entirety of one’s being is at peace. Jeremy is feeding his body with good food, surrounded by the only two friends he knows, and is struck with a sense of awe at his surroundings. This leads to a moment of of transcendent awareness, and the tears start flowing. Slowly, Jeremy is becoming more aware of both his purpose and the danger posed to The Valleys.

Jeremy’s Fear

It’s interesting that Jeremy wouldn’t be afraid for himself at all. He’s lost his memory, is in a strange land, marked with an ability which should be impossible, and shadows are literally crawling after him. Why on earth is he only afraid for others and not himself? What is he beginning to become aware of?

The look in their eyes

Let me make one thing clear. Walter and Ama are not frightened of Jeremy. What Ama said is true, she is confident Jeremy is a kind and considerate young man. Both believe Jeremy is there to help The Valleys in it’s time of need. Jeremy’s sudden awakenings, however, are making them realize they don’t have as much time as they previously thought.

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  1. Just like Elisha. the angels said to get up and eat, for the journey is long

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