Lone Leaf

This morning, I took something out to the trash before worship. This is not the most interesting thing I’ve ever described on this blog.

On the way back in to the building, however, I looked down and noticed a single leaf lying in the church driveway. We had a brief shower early in the morning, and water droplets still clung to it’s face.

I paused for a moment to admire the sight. Then I pondered which camera for which I should reach to capture it in an image. I would have much rather run into the parsonage to get my Nikon, but I was concerned a car would come up the driveway and mar it’s beauty before I could get my macro lens on the camera. I decided, then, to step back into the Church and grab up my iPhone. I’m pleased with the results. As a bonus, my friends from Michigan pointed out the leaf looks like that’s state’s “mitten.”

A lone leaf, covered in water droplets
This image was captured using the Camera+ app, set to Macro mode, and processed using Lightroom Mobile.


  1. Peg Horton says:

    At Lebenon while we were worshiping in the green cat herald a yellow leaf fell down right before me. Theses words entered my mind and would not go away. ” O,yellow leaf Come falling down with. Your fragile edges turning brown. Oh yellow. Leaf coming down with brittle edges turning brown, why. Did you fall from above? Or was it from my Father bringing His love Thank you yellow leaf with you wrinkled edges turng brown” Sorry this is so late. Spent the afternoon in the Dr’s office. Sent from my iPad

    1. wezlo says:

      Beautiful. I hope you are well.

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