Playing with keys

Last year I had the pleasure of setting up my first video studio. It has three cameras, lights, an ATEM TV Studio switcher, mics, and all sorts of goodies 1. Sadly, during the budgeting process one of the things I had to cut was a green screen. I’ve alway wanted to play with chroma-keying, and the studio would have been an excellent place to experiment.

It looks like we might be picking up a green screen at some point this year, and I wanted to begin playing with the key filters in Final Cut X to see how steep the learning curve would be. After figuring out the interface, I managed to create a fairly decent result using the dark blue background we created for the studio 2.

This would look much sharper if I had a green screen as the background, and I’ll have to look up some tutorials on both how to use the interface more effectively and better lighting techniques. Still, I’m quite pleased with the results. My next experiments will have to be using the keying plugin in the ATEM TV Studio itself. Live keying should be really interesting.

  1. Yes, in many ways, I’m a big kid – but playing with my “toys” is one of the ways I keep growing. I recommend it for all “adults.” 
  2. And for the background I have to thank Teresa for all her hard work sewing and hanging, and Bob for all his help creating the PVC frame.