Nifty Scrivener Trick

For the past several years my writing tool of choice has been Scrivener. It has features I have not yet even had time to explore, but even with all it’s power it has a mercifully short learning curve 1.

One of the biggest reasons I continue to come back to Scrivener, is its excellent Composition Mode. In this mode, all the potential distractions of Scrivener’s many tools fade way 2. This leaves a writing space, which I’ll call “paper,” and a backdrop of your choosing – either an image you select or simply a black screen. It’s beautiful, and when I’m using this most for writing I easily find myself lost in the experience.

I’ve had a nagging problem, however, which has sometimes forced me to write outside Composition Mode. This has happened when I wanted to have two documents visible at the same time. I can split Scrivener’s editor window to create this setup, and it work very well, but I lose the immersive experience of Composition Mode when I do so.

Thankfully, there is a solution, and I’ve created a screencast to demonstrate. Enjoy!

  1. It’s a steep curve, but adjusting to it doesn’t take very long. 
  2. Though most remain accessible, should they need to be accessed.