Photo a day, a Lenten journey

Tuesday afternoon I came across a rather intriguing image in my Facebook feed. It listed forty topics, one for each day of Lent, and gave some social networking tags to include in posts so they could be viewed by others on the same journey.

Lent is an introspective season 1, and Photography can be a deeply introspective art. This, combined with the need to regulate my time so I’m able to frame a shot which captures each different topic, makes it an ideal discipline for Lent. I now have a focal point through which I can follow after Jesus during this season, and pattern through which I can share it with others. The photos spring from this project will be posted first in a Flickr album, but as part of my discipline I think I’ll share them here as well, with short reflections added to each. Perhaps I can even re-use this material as a devotional in the future. It’s a thought, anyway.

Today marks day two of this journey, so I’ll both images from my Flickr album in this post.

Day 1 – Journey

Car Backing out of a garage, tire tracks can be seen, faintly, in the snow.

I captured the image above as I was about to pull my car out of the garage in the morning. I love the contrast of the dark inside the garage and the bright highlights of the meager covering of snow beyond the threshold. In the driveway you can make out the faint markings of tire-tracks in the snow. To me, these tracks reveal how infrequently we are “trail-blazers.” Human beings have walked ahead of us. We follow them, and those behind us will follow us. As a Christian I hope the footsteps I follow are Jesus’, and that the path I leave behind me points to him.

Day Two – Human

Last night I strolled out of our dining room on some errand and was struck by the way the chandelier caused my shadow to become multi-faceted. In fact, the core of my shadow, which held the most detail, appeared distorted – squeezed between the outer layers of the shade. The further the shadow progressed from my core, the more transparent and feeble it became. Until finally my shadow ended and the bare wall began.

Seeing this image reminded me of how human-beings are multi-faceted, we each have different aspects of our character which we wrap around the core of our being. These public personas help us function in the world, but they are always shaped by the core of who we are. This is why, in Christian spirituality, the Holy Spirit is transforming Christians from within 2. It is our core being which needs to be conformed to Christ, when that is made new every detail of our existence becomes conformed to the shape of the new life.

Shadows of various intensities cast by a chandelier.

  1. Much as Advent is supposed to be, sigh. 
  2. And why the outward focus of American Christianity, of just about any theological bent, is such a disaster. 

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  1. Ephesians at the end of that chapter, 29 our conduct must benifits those who. Follow ..

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  2. 2nd picture had so much meaning to me. Wonderful that you are doing this with photography showing visual meaning. Love the idea!

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