Even in our techno-centric, over-developed, world we are surrounded by nature. Even in the midst of winter, as the sun begins its too-early descent to the horizon, there is still the green of life to be found.

You just need to know where to look. You also need to dare to pause and see it.

Nature astounds me. I’m no naturalist 1, but I love the intricacies of how leaves are structured and the beauty of a Sunset. I enjoy the rhythm of the seasons 2 and the world of the clouds above. It is truly marvelous to behold 3.

So for wonder I thought I’d share an image of some of the green which can be found even in a season typically described as “dreary.”

Nature is pretty cool.

"Wonder" – two holy leaves, green in the heart of Winter.

  1. I have too many Summer allergies to spend much time outdoors. Unless there is a pool involved, that is. 
  2. Even when spring hits and my allergies send me into a month of anxiety-laden stress. 
  3. He says as he writes indoors, on his laptop.