Unpacking Hall of discovery

I must say I am quite enjoying having the party split up the way it is. Being able to see Ama interact with Talum when she isn’t trying to set a good example for Walter has been especially gratifying. Talum really can grate on anyone’s nerves. Let’s unpack.

Talum’s Memory

Writing a character who has ADD is so much fun! Talum is a classic example of the extreme academic. In our world, if he didn’t requite hyper-focus in order to do his work, he’d probably be medicated for the sake of those close to him. IN many ways, this entire conversation is a celebration of all my friends, as well as myself, who have turned ADD into our own form of normal. There’s just so many shiny things in the world!

Despite Talum’s terrible memory when it came to his report, he specifically ordered Dosum to pack it for him, Ama is actually correct about dislodging Talum from a train of thought. He tends to fly around from idea to idea inside his own head, but when he finally lands on one it fixates in his mind and remains to until the task is complete. Happily, Talum’s track and Tollen’s desire match up nicely.

Also, why on earth do so many people in the Inner Valleys have names which start with “T?”

The discovery

The moment when Talum discovers his report in the depths of his pack is a tribute to The Legend of Zelda. Just imagine him lifting it over his head in celebration as the music plays – ba Ba BA BAAAA!!

The Seekers know

Tollen is surprisingly candid with the insights of is supposedly secret organization. They’ve actually learned quite a bit more about their lost history than most people suspect and stumbled into an insight about the Guardians’ link to evertorches about a decade prior to the story. They’ve been watching Talum with some interest for a while, but were hesitant to become too openly engaged with him. Talum’s main discoveries coincided with Merkot’s moves to cut Meadowrun off from the rest of the Inner Valleys, and the seekers pulled away even more. For all their caution, they have discovered the focal point of Talum’s work is Satchwin Crevasse, and they’ve suspected this locale likely held a slumbering portal for some time. Ama’s news that Talum had actually been able to create a way to converse with the Guardians really too Tollen by surprise. This was something they have not been able to do.

Why not? Because the Guardians don’t know if they can trust the Seekers. These people are, after all, trying to undo all their efforts to hide the people of The Valleys and protect them from harm.

In The Valleys, memory can be a dangerous key.