Unpacking Memory


My original plan was to begin this chapter with Jeremy experiencing his second dream. The length of “Capital Expressions” changed the plan, so he instead fell into the dream at the end of the first scene. This was fun because it allowed me to finish the scene by bringing him back into the waking world, instead of making the dream merely an interlude. Let’s unpack.

Falling In

Have you ever had a dream where you’re falling, and you wake up just as your about to hit the ground? I have. That’s why I made Jeremy literally fall into his dream and land with a thud. I figure if it’s good enough for me it’s good enough for my characters.

The Setting

This is the second time Jeremy has seen this city in his dreams. He really has seen this city before, and from the outcropping he spies it from in his dream, but no living Prismatic has walked it’s streets since the end of the Extinction War. If you remember Jeremy’s first dream, the city was a modern metropolis before it fell. Also, the evertorches used to glow with a blue-white light.

The name of the city is known. But we’ll keep it a mystery for now. Not because it’s a huge plot-point, but because it’s fun 1.

The Memory

So what is this memory inside Jeremy’s head? It’s actually a Prismatic ability very few are able to practice with any success. A living soul attaches a part of their inner most being to another person. This memory retains some independence, and can act as an advisor to the host.

Prismatics never wrote down any of their lessons about how to access abilities 2, as they wanted to make certain their knowledge would always be connected to their living story. So, when older Prismatics were about to pass away, they would leave a memory of their being with some chosen students, who would continue to learn the former generation’s knowledge while continuing to add their own insights. New knowledge would become part of the psyche of the new masters, who would eventually become mentors for the next generation.

Jeremy’s father was able to access this ability, and was a host for his father’s memory. To have performed such a transfer on a person Jeremy’s age, however, is very unusual.

As Jeremy’s memories are blocked, his father’s influence on him is extremely slight. The more he awakens the more danger is presented to Jeremy’s mission.

The Mission

It’s interesting that the guardians in The Valleys are called “living Guardians,” and doubly interesting that Jeremy needs to bring one back with him to his home. Healers were also a key to the mission, and Jeremy has three 3. What’s the point of this? We’ll see.

The Purity

Merkot has been depicted as the antagonist for the story thus far, and he is. But he’s also not the real problem. The Purity were the opposing force in The Extinction War. They haven’t been seen for many centuries, but are beginning to have influence on the world once more.

Sheilak’s Appearance

Among the uninformed of The Valleys the Guardians are called “Shade Stalkers” or “Shadows.” In his dream state Jeremy sees the Guardian more in her natural state, a being of light.

She’s known of the memory in Jeremy’s head for some time, and recognized the danger of awakening it too soon. When she spotted his conversation she immediately moved in to send him dormant once more. While it appears violent, it’s more like yelling at a child and slapping their hand as they reach for a hot stove.

  1. For me. 
  2. Its one of the ways they are much different from the healing orders. 
  3. While Pathfinders aren’t considered “healers” in Valleys society, in reality they are of the same order of people. Walter was, in fact, the first healer Jeremy came across.