Unpacking Falling in


We’ll find out what Ama and Talum discussed with the Quorum of Seekers eventually, but right now I wanted to bring them back into the fold. Michael and Terrin haven’t been seen in a while, either. I wonder what they’re up to?

For now, let’s unpack “Falling in.”

Walter and Tollen, together again

The hatchet is far from buried between these two old friends, Walter is not pleased to hear Tollen’s voice. On the other hand, you also see how much alike these two men are. They are equally annoyed at Talum’s rambling and order him to shut-up in unison. Neither wants to be reminded about how much they are like the other, which is why they get annoyed when they simultaneously action.

Ama’s healing hands

It was very enjoyable to write Ama showing a bit of snark. For a moment it felt a bit like Bones McCoy giving Kirk an acidic lecture. She’s been very proper, and that is her genuine personality, but it was nice to see some authentic alarm lead her to bite people’s heads off in love. Tollen thinks the people don’t want to see the Healers as human beings. I, on the other hand, like seeing the chinks in the armor – it rounds out the character.

The stone Ama placed in Jeremy’s palm is, obviously, what passes for a thermometer in The Valleys. The result it gave was very unusual, one you’d typically see it in someone who is in the beginning stages of hypothermia. Ama doesn’t see any other symptoms which would lead to that diagnosis, however, so she’s left very confused. Tollen’s question is well aimed. The proximity between Jeremy and Sheilak has lowered his body temperature, but without harm. If she placed the stone in Talum’s hand she’d discover the same result – the healer also carried a stone and has a very strong bond with a Guardian.

The Seekers know

While most people see The Seekers as a strange religious order, including many who make up their ranks, this was not their original function. They were first, as Tollen points out, a Presidential commission formed to better understand their history. While not completely secret, the founding president didn’t want the general population to know the extent to which The Seekers were being allowed to dig. This led to the creation of their hidden entrance into the archives.

When the Senate found out the Seekers were being allowed into those restricted writings, fear shifted the political winds. The commission was officially disbanded and the archives sealed against future intrusion. The founding president, however, neglected to point out the hidden entrance. He encouraged the group to continue their research and get to the truth of their past. It was during this secret work their religious identity was formed, and how it to came to understand something about the true nature of the Shadestalkers.

Talum’s work filled in many of their gaps, including the species preferred name, and sent them digging to learn even more. For their part, the Guardians are somewhat worried about how close The Seekers are getting to uncovering the truth, and over the past few decades they have actually been hiding some of the oldest manuscripts buried in the archives.

Sheilak has always advocated for reaching out to The Seekers as natural companions, but her requests have always been rejected. Why? Because the Guardians fear they could accidentally awaken a Prismatic. An event which could doom them all.

The journey

What journey? We’ll have to see. Sheilak is tired of moving slow, though, she wants to move.


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