This Summer I may spend some time exploring the birds in our neighborhood. There’s a brilliant cardinal which has a nest near-by, and this has sparked my interest. Now that I’m keeping my eye open, the variety I’m discovering is extraordinary.

While on my walk this past Friday I took my first captures of a bird as it foraged in a nearby front yard. The angle of the light, and the nature of the bird’s feathers, caused it to appear all black as I framed the shot. It wasn’t until I returned home when I discovered the stunning outlines on it’s wings. Sadly, I didn’t have burst mode switched on 1, but I did manage capture some images which do this subject justice. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it.

I believe this could be a lot of fun.

A starling forages in a yard

  1. Rookie mistake. 

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  1. You can tell a starling from a black bird. Starlings have a short tail, females. Have some brown in their feathers, the Nuthatch is my favorite, the. Only bird that goes down the trunk head first.

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