Unpacking Beginnings


We’ve arrived back in dreamland. This passage was originally slated to be the opening section of chapter eight, but the time jump in “The end of a road” demanded to play first chair. This isn’t a long passage, the dreams typically haven’t been, but there’s still some interesting tidbits found inside. Let’s unpack.

Different evertorches

The memory of Jeremy’s father points out no evertorch had shone in the ruined city since just after the conclusion of The Extinction War. When they began glowing, the remnant of Prismatics knew something had gone wrong.

The evertorches in The Valleys have consistently shown to glow with a “honey” color. We also know these torches are connected to the Guardians who dwell in and near them.

What Jeremy sees in his dream 1 are evertorches of a different hue entirely, a pale blue. These evertorches are somehow linked to the mysterious “Silent Ones,” and something is agitating them enough to activate the dormant evertorches in the ruins. Who are these “Silent Ones,” and why are they slumbering? And, most importantly, what do they have have to do with the end of the Extinction War?

You might have picked up on the in Jeremy’s first dream, but prior to the war evertorches glowed with a white light.

Going South

Jeremy’s memories will supposedly be triggered as he moves South, toward what the memory refers to as “home.” We also learned Sheilak hasn’t been directly blocking Jeremy’s memories, but only strengthening the blocks he put in place himself. Now the time has come to move, she will no longer be reinforcing them, allowing for his buried past to resurface.

Why is Jeremy told to go to Woodhall? It’s because it’s the Southern-most settlement in The Valleys. The forests beyond the fields South of the town are the edge the human territory. It’s from the darkness of those branches the Guardians 2 emerge to “Meet” with the representatives of the Senate. Jeremy actually passed just to the East of Woodhall on his way to The Boulevard, and passed through the very branches where the Guardians hunt. His passage through the hunting grounds was why they were so quickly aware of his presence, through in their more wild state they weren’t able to converse with him. Actually, Jeremy is fortunate he wasn’t killed.

The warning

“Beware the sea.” The people of The Valleys have long been wary of the sea, though for no reason they can remember. Sheilak’s warning serves to reinforce this cultural aversion.

Merkot’s port is certainly a factor for this alert. He never gave up the idea of power, he just shifted the means by which he might obtain it and strengthen the fortunes of the Inner Valleys. No one really understood just how far he was willing to go to accomplish the desire of his heart.

Merkot has also been keeping tabs on Walter and company, which is why Sheilak wants the Old Fox to think up a legitimate reason to travel toward Woodhall. They’d better move quickly, in ten days time it may be too late.

  1. Which is partly memory. 
  2. Though most Senators call them “shadows.”