Today is the final day of my Summer vacation, so I decided to wake up early and do something I have always wanted to do. I captured images of the sunrise.

I fell out of bed around 5 AM, got dressed, and prepared my gear for the shoot. I’ve not been out with my 40mm prime in a couple of months, so I attached that to my Nikon. To better lend stability to the images I also grabbed my wireless tether from my camera bag, along with my tripod, and headed down to Palmyra Harbour. Sunrise was scheduled for 5:45 and I arrived with just enough time to set up before the light began to peak up from the horizon.

Most of my shots were taken either in aperture priority or manual, with the ISO set anywhere from 200 to 400. Following some advice I found on the Internet, I set my white balance to “sunlight” on the camera – this allowed the golden hue of the Sun’s early light to be captured by the camera. The spot was perfect for my purposes. Next time I head down I’ll probably use my 55-300mm lens. At 70mm I’ll be able to capture some more detail of the Riverton Yacht Club without losing too much of the water.

As a bonus, I enabled the auto-preview in the DSLR dashboard on my iPhone, which transfers the RAW files from the camera. Normally I use this feature to review photos, which I then delete. This past week, however, Lightroom mobile finally added RAW support to the iOS app. I opened up the app on my iPhone, and Lightroom immediately imported the images and transferred them to Adobe’s creative cloud servers. When I opened up Lightroom on my Macbook, they were automatically imported to my library in all their RAW glory. This could be a game changer, as I can import raw files into my lightroom library without having to bring along my MacBook.

My favorite shot from my trip is below, for the other images check out my Flickr album.

The Sun Rises

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    That was /. Is worth rolling out of bed at 5 am. I love it.

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